24 October 2014

Italian restaurant paintings - group portraits

Restaurant - group portrait 1

Sides painted black
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Restaurant - group portrait 2
Small paintings, acrylic on MDF. 
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Small tree painting

Winter Tree 2

Acrylic on MDF.  Cool winter colours.  Sides painted black, ready to hang.  Click here for more information.

Painting Winter Trees

Winter Trees 1
Acrylic on canvas.  Click for more information.

22 March 2013

Lovers - fantasy portrait in oils

Commissioned romantic fantasy portrait in oils by Bee Skelton
Portrait in oils commissioned by a loving wife for her husband.  A romantic fantasy featuring the faces of husband and wife.  I used recent photographs supplied by the client. And they say romance is dead!  :) 
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And work-in-progress images.

Our Friends Dog Rescue Charity portrait

Portrait of Henry
Our Friends Dog Rescue http://ourfriendsdogrescue.org.uk/ is in need of all our help to continue their excellent work.  I am absolutely delighted that Brenda Pollard commissioned me to paint an oil portrait of Henry, her handsome boy, with her fee going to help the cause.  More information HERE.

9 December 2012

Portrait painting Christmas gift

This painting of a beautiful little girl is the last portrait I'll have time to finish and delivery before Christmas this year.  However I know there are still some of you considering giving the gift of art this year.  So can I remind you that even for last minute Christmas shoppers there will still be time, as I shall be sending out Gift Voucher Certificates by email up to and including December 22nd.  See my Etsy Shop for details of certificates ready to purchase.  If you need more information or would like me to create a Voucher Certificate for a different monetary value please email me.

1 October 2012

Wedding - Anniversary custom portrait from your photo

Wedding Portrait - oil on canvas - by Bee Skelton
If you would like me to paint a wedding portrait for you, please click here visit my Etsy Shop or just email me for more information.