31 May 2010

Carlotta Valdes commissioned portrait

Portrait of Carlotta Valdes
Acrylic on canvas
20x16 inches
Commissioned by a fan of the film VERTIGO
directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 
For information how to commission an original custom portrait, please visit my Etsy Shop. 


  1. How's things out there on Cyprus? This is a very classical style portrait. I like it.

  2. Thanks Mary. It's not a subject I would have normally chosen. But that's one interesting aspect of painting other peoples choices. It process also reintroduced me to the film Vertigo, which I hadn't seen for years. As you can imagine, I had to look at it an awful lot.

    Cyprus is very hot just now. Earlier this week we had record temperatures. 46C and 100% humidity. No fun at all! I'm hugging an air-conditioning unit this week and staying in the studio.

    Hope you are well. Off to take a look at your blog. Thanks for looking in.